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Our goal at S&L Property Management is to make your life as pleasant as possible.

To do this we believe the key is open communication at all times. We want to make it as convenient as possible for you to communicate with us and get the service and answers you need as quickly as possible.

With most homes now having computers and internet access we have taken that step and made access to S&L that much easier.

Quick, Easy and Convenient

If you have changed jobs, phone numbers or other information since you filled out your original management agreement with S&L Property Management, please fax or mail current Information so that we can update your information. Also, if you know someone has either moved in or out of your home, please let us know so that we can update your lease.

Rent Cafe

 You can register to view your monthly statements, pay invoices, update your contact information and check on the status of work orders. The Rent Café portal is also available in the Google Play Store and ITunes for mobile apps.  Contact our Accounting Manager for further information.


Save yourself the hassle of going to the bank and get your disbursements earlier with S&L’s Direct Deposit Services. (ACH Electronic Funds Transfer.)  To view the 2019 Owner deposit schedule, click ownerdisbursmentschedule.

To sign up, simply mail a voided check to:

S&L Property Management

SLPM Accounting Dept., Attention: Lori

43525 Ridge Park Dr., Ste. 200

Temecula, CA  92590-3609

Or Fax a legible copy of your check to:


Digital Inspections

If you are a home owner and are curious about the condition of your rental home you may want to request a “digital inspection” of the property. Maybe you’ve had tenants in past that have damaged your home. For a small fee we can make entry into the rental home and digitally photograph inside and out, everything from the condition of the carpet, walls and structure, to the “cleanliness” of the tenants living there. Pictures will then be sent mailed to you, or available as a digital download. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Detailed Inspection

Are you concerned about small leaks that could possibly cause devastating damage to your property over time? Have you checked the wiring in your home recently in order to prevent a costly or possibly deadly fire? Why take that chance? From our web site you can order a plumbing, electrical or roof inspection. Don’t wait until that small leak in the roof turns in to an unexpected major expense. An inspection now could possibly save you thousands of dollars later on. (Please note: Entry into any tenant occupied residence must be within full compliance California Civil Code 1954).  For more information or to requested a detailed inspection, click Detailed Inspection Form.

Looking for another investment property?

If you think you are ready to invest in another home, we can help. We have a licensed real estate agents and brokers that S & L can refer to you.

We can make available a professional broker or agent to meet with you and discuss your next investment. Learn more about current market trends and what type of properties tend to give you the best return on your investment.

Be sure and check our website often and browse through our Current Rental List.

We typically have more rentals listed than any other property management company in the area. With our current rentals you can get an idea as to how much rent other home owners are asking for their rentals.

Our Vendors

At S & L Property Management we take pride in the services that we offer. We only send out the best vendors to meet your needs. Whether you need maintenance immediately or outstanding landscaping service, we have the people that get the job done.