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Office Hours: 

  • Monday thru Friday:  8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Closed weekends and all National Holiday’s
  • Closed last Wednesday of each month:  1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Holiday Office Closures:
    • Friday, December 14th:  All Offices Closed by 11:00
    • Monday, December 24th:  SLPM Closed all day, SLAM open till 2:00
    • Tuesday, December 25th:  All Offices Closed
    • Wednesday, December 26th -Tuesday, January 1st:  All S&L Assoc. Mgmt. offices closed
    • Monday, December 31st & Tuesday, January 1st:  All Offices Closed

Tenant/Owner Announcements: 

  1. Owners & Tenants: Fires in your backyard?  Earthquakes shaking your home?  Mud sliding into your patio?  Man-eating ducks landing in your backyard?  And that was all just last week?  Try as we might, natural (and sometimes not so natural) disasters can and do occur.  Surviving with life, limb and property intact is usually best accomplished by being prepared and knowing what to do when the unexpected happens.  Click here to look at 10 Basic Steps to Prepare for a Natural Disaster.⊕
  2. OwnersSo you think it is time to sell your rental property and escape the pitfalls of being a landlord?  You may want to think twice.  California’s real estate market is in a all-time slump.  Click here for the latest news about the housing market before you give your tenants notice and list your property.⊗
  3. Tenants:  If you love to decorate the exterior of your home for the holidays, be mindful of how you attach and secure your decorations outside.  There are many safe and secure alternatives to hammering hooks and nails into your house.  Stucco finishes and especially older homes are inclined towards splitting open which can break and allow water to leak into the walls, spoil the look of your home and most importantly:  cost you, the tenant A LOT of money to repair.  In, short do not attach holiday decorations to your home with anything that will leave holes or marks.  If you use inflatable decorations, make sure they are SECURELY fastened to the ground and not covering up landscaping or any place irrigation heads might pop up.  Power or extensions cords should NEVER be placed where normal foot traffic is common.  In addition, if you live in an HOA, checks your Rules & Regulations for what, when and where you can place decorations.⊗

Frequently Asked Questions: ”  I am thinking about buying a very nice home in an HOA as an investment, but the CC&R’s strictly prohibit any rentals in the HOA  Is this legal? We are not under rent control and this is not a 55 and over community.  How can they get away with that?  I would think that Fair Housing attorneys would have a field day with that!” 

You would think so wouldn’t you.  The truth about the question you asked is:  no one really knows or has challenged that issue before.  You would definitely need to speak with an attorney that is experienced in both Fair Housing matters and HOA laws for guidance. Depending on how old the community is, like most HOA’s, the CC&R’s are probably very old and not up to date with current laws.  That being said, most legal professionals agree that unless it is a 55 and over senior community, an HOA would be hard pressed to prevail in a Fair Housing lawsuit.  But there are many, many legal issues that can come into play if you challenged the legality of this HOA’s  restriction against rental homes.  Either way, you would most likely be in for a long, costly battle in court if you took the HOA to court.  Also consider this:  do you really want to own a rental property in a neighborhood that is so restrictive?  It is a safe bet that should you prevail in that lawsuit, the HOA may make life difficult for you and your tenants.