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Tenant/Owner Announcements: 

  1. Tenants/Owners-Please be aware of a change in our after hours emergency services.  Please dial 951-639-8708 and you will be directly connected to an on-call staff member.  You can still access after hours support by going through our main menu, Dial 2, then 1 or extension 3000.  IMPORTANT REMINDER:  Messages left in the S&L General mailbox after business hours cannot be responded to until the next business day.
  2. Tenants-If you owner has decided to sell your property while you are still living there, you do have the same rights to privacy and control of entry into your home by authorized agents.  HOWEVER, you do not have the right to flatly deny reasonable requests for access for the purposes of showings or getting the home ready for sale.  Speak with the owners agent and work out a mutually agreeable schedule for access.  Tenants that continually refuse requests, “miss” appointments or are generally unreasonable will be served 24 hour notices for access.  If you do have an agent that you feel is being pushy or unreasonable, contact our offices.
  3. Owners-Thinking of selling your property but the lease doesn’t expire for awhile?  Keep in mind that even in the best of circumstances, this is difficult.  By law, tenants have to cooperate with “reasonable” requests for access to the property for the purposes of showings, appraisals, etc.  HOWEVER, they do not have to allow lockboxes, same day or less than 24 hour notice access, open houses, etc.  Tenants are protected by Civil Code and Fair Housing Laws.  Agents must adhere to California Civil Code the same as property managers.  In some cases, abusive, pushy or belligerent real estates agents can be denied access to the property until the tenants depart.  We always recommend waiting until the tenants have moved out before listing a property.

Frequently Asked Questions: ”  I own a duplex in ******* and I want to sell, but both sides just started a one-year lease.  I have a buyer that is very interested but wants to move into one side and doesn’t want to wait for a lease to expire.  If I do sell, does that terminate any lease I have with my tenants?”

Sorry, but your buyer or any buyer for that matter is out of luck in this situation.  A voluntary sale of leased properties does not terminate any rental agreement.  A new owner would step into the shoes of the former owner and would have the same rights and responsibilities as the previous owner.  The tenants would be under no obligation to move out or cancel their lease.