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Tenant/Owner Announcements: 

  1. Tenants/Owners-Please be aware of a change in our after hours emergency services.  Please dial 951-639-8708 and you will be directly connected to an on-call staff member.  You can still access after hours support by going through our main menu, Dial 2, then 1 or extension 3000.  IMPORTANT REMINDER:  Messages left in the S&L General mailbox after business hours cannot be responded to until the next business day.
  2. Tenants-S&L does not provide lock-out services after hours.  If you find yourself locked out of your property, you will need to contact a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith to gain access to you residence.  Tenants are solely responsible for this cost.  Also, you will need to provide our office a copy of the new key for our files.  Keep in mind, you must be able to prove to a locksmith you are in fact the tenants and have a legal right to access the property.
  3. Owners-We are always happy to meet with you and assist you if you have questions and concerns about your property.  We realize how valuable your time is.  However, we do ask for your understanding and consideration and request that you schedule an appointments ahead of time with a staff member.  If you just “drop-in,” a staff member may not be available to assist you and you will need to schedule a time to come back.

Frequently Asked Questions: ”  We recently applied for a 2-bedroom condo.  We were not quite income qualified but we can produce a co-signer.  The owner said they do not accept co-signers.  If we are otherwise qualified, doesn’t an owner have to accept co-signers?
With all due respect, if you are not income qualified to rent this condo, the rest of your qualifications, at least to most owners would be a moot point!  Without knowing the rental price or how short you were on income, you maybe looking outside your affordable price range.  That being said, California law does not require any homeowner to accept or consider a cosigner (or a guarantor as they are sometimes called).  If they do, most property management companies require that the cosigner be a full-time, in state resident that owns property and resides  at least within a 100 mile radius of the property.  Also, don”t forget a cosigner is there to guarantee your financial obligation should you default.  They are not there to pay your rent every month.