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Office Hours: 

  • Monday thru Friday:  8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Closed weekends and all National Holiday’s
  • Closed last Wednesday of each month:  1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Tenant/Owner Announcements: 

  1. Tenants-All tenants are to be reminded that rent is due on the first of each month (unless you have a non-S&L lease).  S&L gives a courtesy period of four days before late fees are posted.  Depending on when the 6th of each month falls, late fee’s will be charged on the sixth day and 3-day notices will be served and mailed if full rent is not received, regardless if you have a approved payment plan or not.
  2. Owners-If you are an out of state owner, be reminded that the Franchise Tax Board of California requires us to withhold a percentage of your monthly rent to be paid quarterly to the state.  You can request waiver if your mortgage exceeds your monthly rent intake.  Contact your tax professional or accountant to obtain the necessary forms and discuss what you need to do.  S&L CANNOT give tax advice and will withhold the full amount monthly unless we are notified in writing by the state that a reduction or exemption is approved for you.

Frequently Asked Questions: ”  I am on a fixed term lease (I am 5 months into it) and I have new owners as my old ones sold the property.  My lease says that rent is due on the first but my past owners allowed me to pay half on the 5th and half on the 15th.  The new owners are saying that will not allow that and all rent is due on the first according to the lease.  I simply can’t do that.  If the owner decides they want to evict me or ask me to leave, can I fight it?”

There is two ways you need to approach this.  First, if you were in front of a judge, they may take your side under a legal precedent which is sometimes called “mutual consent and execution” whereby the terms of your lease were altered and agreed to.  HOWEVER, most standard leases have a provision which says that one waiver of any terms in a lease/contract does not constitute a continuous waiver for subsequent breaches.  Basically this means just because you were able to do it before, doesn’t mean you can keep in breach of your lease agreement.

Second, and probably most important, many judges, landlords and property managers would question how it is you are at a property you clearly can’t make the full rent on in accordance to your lease agreement.  As painful as it might be to admit, if your new owners are holding you to the terms of your lease, based on what you have told us, you cannot afford to remain at the property and a judge is probably going to recognize that if you need to continue split payments.  Your new owners are under no obligation to continue the previous owners generosity.